Media Ecosystem Quotes that relate to mine and Genna’s project.

Media Justice (pg. 165)

“The primary concern is to reduce the digital divide, the division between the haves and the have-nots of the digital commons.”

“In terms of the digital divide, there is also “production gap”, which represents those who have the skills to make media versus those who just consume it.”

“Media justice advocates for community empowerment and decentralized media versus corporate control.”

Media Literacy (pg. 167)

“Approaches to media literacy vary, but at a minimum everyone should learn to critically engage media, use it creatively to tell stories, and know how to participate actively.”

There was a lot in the Media Ecosystem reading that I felt spoke to the work Genna and I have been doing this semester. It is always beneficial to read about the project from different perspectives and media theories. It helps me contextualize the impact of this project. It also allows me to continually reflect on the work I am doing and my positionality.


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Media Studies major at Scripps College '16.

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