It is very interesting how our world has become extended by the internet and technology. We constantly grapple with whether or not technology has been a positive addition to our daily lives. In a lot of ways, its effects have been negative in terms of its distraction and the way is has taken our attention so drastically away from our naturally occurring world. On the other hand, when it comes to movements like Occupy, it seems that they may not have been as successful as they were without the help of media and technology. Here we see an example of technology as a positive influence. In many ways, technology and social media as it is today gives voice to those who are underrepresented or not usually heard. In a way, technology makes it nearly impossible for those in power to silence anyone and makes it possible for people who don’t hold power to create powerful and effective networks to pursue their dreams and ideals for society. Though this is positive, there are also problems with social media spreading the message because it is easy for one to think that being involved through technology is enough and helps rationalize not going out and getting physically involved. Again, here exists both the negative aspects and the positive influences of technology and out constant grappling with which side to take. I feel that considering this example, it seems smartest to understand that technology is neither solely good nor bad and we must try not to make those generalizations. Awareness is the key and as long as we are attune to the different faces technology wears, we can understand how to best utilize it.


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  1. benliang02033 says:

    After read the article, i remember a sentence, the coins always have two sides. It is really hard to compared what we gain and lose from the development of the technology. and internet. While the internet give people more chance to speak out their voice, it also become tool for bad people to spread their thought. I think the only thing we can do is to step back and dont influence by it.

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