I think what stood out most to me in our class discussion regarding the “We are all Khaled Said” movement was the amount of deceit and lies that were made possible by social media technology. The movement was crucial and wonderful in terms of how many people it got to stand up for themselves and the hope it gave people to believe that they could make a difference; they finally felt they could change something. There is no denying how important such movements are and how brilliantly the movement was constructed but a lot of the information was based on fabrication and a misrepresentation of the truth.

The creators of the movement were able to create a fake persona to represent the movement through the social media based sphere. Khaled Said was meant to represent the struggle of all of them and didn’t fully represent any certain individual. Though this is not necessarily a bad thing, the negativity arises with the fact that this truth was not accessible to those who the movement was meant to inspire. These individuals were being lied to by those who they were following in their fight. Here arises a problem because this lying reflects the problems against which they wanted to fight and, somewhat, this deception almost makes this movement another mass manipulation and brainwash.

Again, as I spoke about in terms of FilmAid in an earlier post, this is a clear situation where we must understand the full story in order to understand the full intentions. We must also understand the dangers that are enabled by social media; people can hide behind a screen. Individuals in society are now suddenly able to ascertain the type of power and do the types of things that only used to be able to be done by those in power (government, corporations, etc). This reality is scary and again plays into the balance of the progress that technology allows and the negative things it makes more accessible and possible in ways that they really weren’t before.


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