When thinking about the “Umbrella Movement” in Hongkong,  i always question myself why i didn’t support this movement, why i would rather support the “one party system”, which be considered as dictatorship, than the democracy system. Have i already been brainwash by Chinese government? However, when i started looking at the development and achievement of China in the recent 30 years, thinking about how my city, shenzhen, becoming one of the most outstanding city from a small fishing village in the recent 30 years, thinking about the smile appearing on my family and friends’ face, i know i am not wrong.

Today the democracy become the mainstream of the world. People are expecting the democracy and vote right. Most of them believe democracy can be the tools for them to gain what they want, to against what they afraid and to fight what they value. I will not say they are wrong, but i will say that is wrong for China. Looking back at the China’s 5000 years history, you will find that during most of period, Chinese people was ruled by dictator, the emperor. Yes, i know it is a really sad fact for us, but that was what we experienced. For Chinese, we are so used to follow and obey. We never really experience what the Western elites called “Democracy and Freedom.”  However, now we are in the 21st century, things must be changed. We are no longer lived in the old period, we are step in the new era. Therefore, all the worlds started to fight for us, try to save we, Chinese, from the dictatorship. We appreciate that, but we refuse it. By saying this, i don’t mean that i don’t want to change. However, i am saying we should find our own path to the democracy, not just follow what other developed countries provide for us. As i said before, we never experience the real democracy, so how can you force a infant that doesn’t know how to walk to run as fast as an adult?  We will find our own way to the democracy, just like we found our way to succeed in the last 30 years. What the HongKong students demanded was not wrong, but just too ideal. They forgot they were in third largest country, which has the most population in the world. Maybe the HongKong students and I were all too young, too naive and sometimes simple, but according the accomplishment we got, i still believe ourselves.W020081021354871866224

30 years ago(Shenzhen)


Now (Shenzhen)


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