Everyone!! Look out for my group’s posters around campus. They are located in various locations around Pitzer, Scripps, and CMC. If you happen upon them, interact with them! There is a space in each set for a response. Furthermore, follow our Twitter @5csexss for a more specific locations of installments. Here are a couple of pictures of the installments themselves as well as a close up of the posterEmbedded image permalinkdesign. objectified3IMG_4490_2


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  1. revandrewwright says:

    I had a friend last year who did a detouring of this exact image last year. Because I saw the project in its early days, I have seen this picture many times. But it is still horrifying every time

  2. haircomestrouble says:

    It should read instead: Always Objectified.

  3. alexamuniz says:

    I saw these on campus! I had no idea it was you guys! Good job!!! It definitely caught my interest, but I must admit that I kind of did pass them without giving much thought into why they were there. I will for sure go look at some more in depth now though.

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