Editing this interview down to under fifteen minutes (to allow it to upload to YouTube) was quite a challenge for Lucas, Josue and me. Jessica had so many important and powerful things to say, I think we were up to 3 in the morning pulling tiny bits out of it to get it to this length. There are so many important messages and reflections that Jessica has in this interview, but I specifically want to focus on the segment from 7:40 to 14:09 and I will highlight a few takeaway points I had from this segment.

1) Facebook/Social Media can be a very effective means to express oneself and reflect on societal issues/problems

2) Facebook reflections can be a great way to start dialogue on these issues

3) White people/POC that aren’t African American should absolutely get involved in this fight and be allies to the movement, but they should not be on the front lines – they should listen and help make societal progress

4) Obviously All Lives Matter but that is NOT the issue we are trying to resolve right now – it’s Black Lives Matter, because these are the lives that are being persecuted at the highest rates right now

5) The horrific events that the police have caused over the past couple months/years are not “unfortunate” – they are intentional actions by police forces that are inherently racist, and this is something that HAS to be addressed as soon as possible

Interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YWITQ43qOuo


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