I was very interested in the reading we did on the Occupy movement, and furthermore the ways in which protesters chose to utilize social media as to more efficiently organize their campaign. I find it particularly interesting that participants of the movement chose to create a Tumblr, because usually Tumblr is associated with art and fashion blogs as opposed to organized protests. Despite this, the more I read about the Occupy Tumblr, the more it made sense to me, for the medium I think specifically matched the content in this situation. The actual protests were not planned on the Tumblr, but participants in the movement were allowed to submit their own stories as posts on the blog as to create a community. As described by our reading, I think this was particularly successful because of the ways in which the Occupy Tumblr felt leaderless, in that it was just a narrative based forum for the people, by the people, which was a main concern of the movement. Obviously, participants still used Facebook events and pages to plan and organize protests, but having a central forum on Tumblr, to me, seems quite revolutionary. I think that as technology and furthermore social media progress, it will become more important what medium a movement utilizes to further their message, as I discussed in my paper. With progressions in social media, different mediums will be able to cater more specifically to different causes, allowing for more flexibility and ease when attempting to reach a target audience or achieve a specific look. Overall, I was really interested in the way in which the Occupy reading further elaborated on something which I more or less overlooked about this movement.


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