As we presented in class, my group received some interesting feedback on our installments all over campus, and I wanted to post them on our class blog in case anyone wanted to have a closer look.

The main goal of our installments and linked Twitter account was to elicit a reaction from the student community, and start a conversation, regardless of the tone or direction it took. On our series of posters, we filled in our own adjectives for four of the posters, but left a blank speech bubble for the last, with the questions, What do you think? The posters had varying reactions, the first was in the Hub at CMC, they were left completely in tact, and someone had penned in “why is my body more important than my mind?” which I thought nicely summed up the statement we were trying to make with our posters. Other reactions were not as explicitly written, for instance, out of the images outside the Motley, all of the posters of the female model were ripped down, while the one image of the fully clothed male model remained. I thought this was a relatively telling reaction, in that the explicit image of the female body is removed, policed, while the male is allowed, normalized. Furthermore, outside of Browning Hall, the image in which we had left room for written response was ripped and thrown to the ground, while the rest of the posters remained intact, which to me, was a pretty clear answer to the question, what do you think? On our Twitter, we didn’t get any typed responses to our tweets, but we received a handful of follows from Claremont students, and furthermore some favorites and retweets.



2 responses »

  1. rbhalla2018 says:

    Will you continue to put posters up next semester or engage with your Twitter page?

  2. Kali Nita Jones says:

    I would like too. I think it is a super important issue and raising awareness is crucial

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