As both a vegan and a feminist, this is a hard one for me to take a stance on. On one hand, it is making an argument in outlining how we essentially objectify animals and use them as if they are just a SUM of parts and not a living, breathing, and feeling being. On the other hand, this comparison is being made with the help of a clearly objectified woman. This is almost saying that it is either okay to objectify women as long as we don’t eat them or that we never objectify them in this way which is naive and completely untrue. Why is she wearing nothing? The same point could have easily been made in a much less sexualized manner. I’m not sure how it could be perfectly done but I am certain that this is a copout. They know people will notice a sexual Pamela Anderson in front of them. That alone is a sad reality and one we need to re-examine.


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