When I was reading the Vertov Kinoeye piece I found many themes that related to our discussions and focus in class last week. After watching the Black Journal episode and clips from various news channels recording the riots it was evident how not everyone is represented in the media and if they are they are certainly not represented equally. For one we currently have no mainstream shows similar to Black Journal. Thus, when i was reading the Vertov piece one of the themes that stuck out to me was the idea of how “the movie camera was invented in order to penetrate deeper into the visible world, to explore and record visual phenomenona, so that we do not forget what happens and what the future must take into account” (pg. 67). If the purpose of the camera is to record history then an important aspect of that is who is the one recording? As we saw from the news depictions of the riots they were explaining the situation from their own points of view which we’re framing a community as hooligans without giving any background information. As well as from the clips of the film Media Killa I believe it was called (?), the gentleman had to go out with his own camera in order to record the truths about what were REALLY going on so the media wouldn’t be able to 100% get away with their distorted images. I think one of the major issues with media is ultimately how easy it is for the truth to become skewed.



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  1. cvillene6052 says:

    I think you bring up a really good point about historical bias. The media is just one part of so many artifacts from our time. I think that with the internet and the increase in people participation in the media, it has become more clear that what is shown in mainstream media is not representative of all the lives and issues that exist in the US and around the world now. I think this conversation then brings up issues about other forms of history documentation. Whose history is being taught in American public schools? Who documents history and who is heard?

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