Kerby Jean-Raymond is a New York-based fashion designer and the creative director of Pyer Moss. Growing up in Brooklyn, he was no stranger to police brutality; he has been stopped and frisked, pulled over, falsely accused, arrested, and held at gunpoint dozens of times. For NYFW, he planned to only show a 10 minute black and white video compilation of police brutality towards Black citizens (e.g. Eric Garner in a chokehold). Then, he made a last-minute decision to show his clothes as well, but with a twist: the clothes were blood-splattered, covered in quotes by and names of murdered Black citizens. Here are some links: ,,


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  1. katyschaefe says:

    I heard about this and have read a lot of response. I was pleasantly surprised to find that this creative action was quite well received and understood by the public. There also seems to be a feeling from the public that the fashion industry is opening a more socially conscious eye with its effort to show more diversity and body positive imagery.

  2. amihk says:

    I saw this on facebook and thought this was fascinating how this action was done at a fashion show, where runways tend to represent high fashion, beauty, and business. This gives an opportunity to reach out to people in the fashion industry about the action more, and to the fashion audiences who has not been involved or did now really know about the action.

  3. sjendoubi17 says:

    I found this performance truly moving due to its medium and delivery. The simplicity and poignant nature of the words and colors allow the message to be underlined. I am also very impressed by how his runway show was received, and how receptive his audience was. I look forward to seeing if any other fashion designers decide to use their stage as a means of shedding light on issues they’re passionate about.

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