When I think of themes from the Kino-Eye reading, the one that comes the mind to most is man having this grand power over machine, and using it to reflect society. On one hand, it is great have technology so handy to document experiences, memories, moments in time, etc. but on the other hand I think we often forget that sometimes what is displayed on a screen can be a distorted image and not one that is inclusive of everyone’s experiences. We found out that the camera can move anywhere, but can it do so discretely? Can it do so without people changing their true feelings and thoughts while in front of it? Is it being used in the best interests of the filmmaker and the subject? Much of what is filmed is from the perspective of the person behind the camera, so we also must recognize who gets the privilege to call the shots and dominate the camera lens.

We also must consider the pros and cons of using special effects in this film and others. They often can enhance but also detract from experience, but they must be used carefully not to create a fake and unrealistic image. All these aspects must be taken into consideration when producing films, especially in the digital society we are in because people are so quick to categorize everything that is in the media as representing all of society, but from whose point of view is it in and who does it benefit?


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  1. katyschaefe says:

    one of the biggest issues inherent to film, documentary film in particular, is the question of how to most accurately represent the truth. Of course, what one person sees and understands will be different from the next, but outside of this is the difficult question of how to eliminate the film makers own experience from the story. What a filmmaker will choose to show or remove, the subject matter they choose to convey, and how able they are to permeate the life of another person. Can they show a world from the subjects perspective as opposed to their own? These issues often boil down to elements of difference between the film maker and the subject.

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