I think the purpose of Dada art is extremely important in todays society just as much as it was during its inception. Today especially we live in a world that is dominated by media consumption and technologies. It is almost impossible to enter a room today or walk down the street without seeing someone on their Iphone, tablet, etc. Due to the fact that we are apart of a world that is so consumed by technologies it can be hard to take a step back and realize how we are contributing to this take over of technology. Some find the over consumption of technology to be a bad thing while others don’t. However, either way it is still fascinating to see how technology has transformed our lives. I think taking a step back and looking at that transfomration is extremely interesting and portrays much about our society. I think the use of Dada art can show and help people think about this. The “Dada tactic – using art to disrupt the commonplace and compel new ways of seeing reality” never really loses its value (pg. 32).



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  1. gabrielledas says:

    I think Dadaism becomes an especially useful tool for enlightening individuals who seem to believe we live in a colorblind society. Many of the times, people refer to their own lives as the context for our “post-racial society”. This evidence, such as racial diversity on campus or Obama’s election/re-election, reaffirm these false notions of equality within our community and thus we need Dada art to reconfigure the signs we know, and contextualize them within the greater system. Check out my post for further examples of how dada is working as an agent of change in the Black Lives Matter movement!

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