I believe that New Social Movements are becoming more and more successful because they are taking the values of the next generation and implementing them in their activism forms. In Chapter 2 of Lievrouw’s book, she talks about how students have really been central agents of revolt, and I think it is because to an extent they don’t have the pressures of ordinary people holding them back like a job, house, kids, but at the same time will eventually have to deal with these stresses. With that, also being young millennials in a world of technology, we have no problems using art and media to help us fight for our causes.

ImmigrationbyFaviannaRodriguezIn particular, I think of the Dream Act that was a movement started for undocumented students so that they could have better access to education and rights as residents who have been in the country for more than a couple of years. Now college students across nation have started I.D.E.A.S. (Improving Dreams Equality Access and Success) chapters at their respective colleges with the mission to serve as a base for the mobilization of young people in the larger social movement for equal access to education, immigration reform and social justice.

4.30_leftcoast_ca_political_posters_event_imageThe movement for undocumented students is stronger now more than ever and I think much of it relates to what Lievrouw said about New Social Movements creating independence from institutional structures and having transnational campaigns that are symbolic and cultural which much of the undocumented student movement is because people of many cultures migrate to the U.S. for a better life.In response to the movement, artists like Favianna Rodriguez has used art to visualize a world beyond the limitations imposed by inequality and injustice. In many of her pieces on immigration she uses a butterfly to help people visualize the identity of immigrants and to show their process as natural and beautiful. The butterfly has now become a symbol for the undocumented movement showing how ‘art can disrupt the commonplace and compel new ways of seeing reality” (32).


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  1. gabrielledas says:

    I see some art by Favianna Roriguez who is an amazing artist and activist fighting for immigration reform, women’s rights, and racial equality. I found this video online which looks at her exclusively and how she uses art as action, working outside of the gallery space to reach a wider, more public audience. LINK HERE https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=99&v=LWE2T8Bx5d8

  2. hannahginsberg says:

    I also think another aspect that has helped popularize social movements is the rise of technology and social media. Now if someone wants to gain momentum for a movement or help spread the word it is much easier to contact people, inform people, and create discussions without being in one place.

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