A theme I took away from our screening on Monday night was the idea of mindless consumption. In “Television Delivers People” (1973), Richard Serra and Carlota Fay Schoolman portray that “it is the consumer who is consumed” and that what television does is “teach materialistic consumption”. So often, we passively sit in front of the television as we are fed messages and products. I know that, personally, if a commercial comes on and it isn’t clear what the message is or what it is that I’m supposed to be “consuming”/“buying”, I find myself questioning what the point of the commercial was. This example can be felt when watching Chris Burden’s commercials. Burden’s videos portray just how hypnotizing and influential television can be. With his “skits” and hidden messages, Burden confuses the audience and leaves viewers feeling as though they aren’t sure what they should take away from his message or what they need to buy.

Hypnotist - "You are going into a deeeep sleeep"

Hypnotist – “You are going into a deeeep sleeep”


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