I find myself increasingly frustrated as I read these artistic manifestos, in particular Debord’s Spectacle. Indeed, I am conflicted by how hypocritical I feel these artists are. On one end, there is this desire to critique the artist, to put them in their rightful place, to denounce the capitalistic nature of art and its profitability. While on the other, they use the medium, both the work and the artist, to communicate their frustration, and ask others to do the same. Debord wants artists to openly critique spectacle and its power on our lives due to the never ending onslaught of media. He wants his artists to produce art which emphasizes this message. I find the use of spectacle as a means of reprimanding spectacle hypocritical. And perhaps, I am misinterpreting Debord message, but after all the clips and articles we read last week I am still unsatisfied with his manifesto.

Down with technology.

Down with technology.


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