I find myself so quick to judge “the media” for so many social inequalities (objectification/over-sexualization of women, violent depictions of black men, etc.), and after watching the videos on Coca Cola’s advertisement and Whitney Houston singing the National Anthem, I feel even further justified in blaming the media. However, at the same time, we’re in a class called Media and Social Justice where the whole goal is to use “the media” to propel social change. The readings this week on The International Situationists indirectly made the tie for me that it’s not fair to call “the media” bad because the media is so big (just as I can’t stand people saying they hate LA after spending a weekend in Beverly Hills). Rather, it’s about blind consumption — blindly internalizing the messages that get sent in all forms of media. If people were able to think critically when watching videos of hippies singing about a monoculture centered around western values, perhaps they could also think critically when watching videos that are meant to stimulate social/political action.


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  1. doriebailey says:

    In this same way, the media should also be recognized for being able to push change and act as a helpful resource as well. We so often look at the negatives of the media, and present examples of how not to go about things–for example, criticizing ads and news networks for their problematic content. However, in order to fully enhance the learning that comes from deconstructing these themes and practices, a demonstration of how to correctly use media should also accompany these criticisms, in order to make the learning experience more cohesive and informational.

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