I found the Third Cinema Manifesto by Solano and Getino very intriguing and I think Third Cinema itself was a very innovative and much-needed form of media during its initial creation. It seems to me that the main purpose of Third Cinema is to expose the process by which oppression occurs through truthful filming and critical ideology in order to create a better society that is equal and just. Through exposing historical and political policies, engaging spectators to reflect in order to inspire them to take revolutionary action, and producing and distributing films that are uncensored, Third Cinema raises political consciousness of viewers who often time don’t realize that the cry for revolution does not stop after you watch the film. At the same time I can’t help but think about Hollywood and Big Blockbuster films and how although movies can be used for education, their use is predominantly for entertainment and leisure, which makes me wonder if we as a society are not at a point where we can actively critique ourselves or actually make impact.

In order for Third Cinema to be successful it must appeal to the masses by presenting the truth and inspiring revolutionary activism. Movie theaters are everywhere and it is a past-time that most people engage in, yet how many educational films do we actually see in theaters. Usually the people watching specific documentaries are the ones who the issues presented in those documentaries affect. The real question I think for our current society is how do we make revolution widespread and a community event.  Since “first cinema” (the Hollywood model) perpetuates first world and elite class values to a passive audience through escapist spectacle and individual characters, the question is how do we get the people that indulge in first cinema to care about third cinema?


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  1. zainjazara says:

    I think you pose an extremely important question, and one that makes me think the answer must be grass root activism. There is a lot of money in first cinema, and quite frankly, first cinema is more entertaining. I think 3rd cinema should be taught to students in school and there should be a movement to screen third cinema movies in the same theaters as first cinema movies. Classes such as this one should be taught at many other colleges and universities too.

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