Solanas and Getino’s manifesto, “Towards a Third Cinema,” follows closely along the same train of thought as many of the readings we have had previously in the way that it discusses using cinema/video in an expository or subversive manner. If Hollywood productions that instill bourgeois values into the passive audience are “First Cinema” and European art films which rejects Hollywood conventions but is focused on the individual expression of the director is “Second Cinema,” then “Third Cinema” is film that rejects individual expression, instead presenting truth and pushing for revolutionary activism. In this way, the concept of “Third Cinema” relates to Vertov’s Kino-Eye Cinema and cinéma vérité.

One of the perks of the modern day is the availability of cameras–especially considering how often they are built into cell phones. In a time when the media still maintains a tight hold on what we see and therefore think of the world, many more people have the opportunity to film the world around them, to film the truth. Social media also comes into play here as photos and videos have the chance to spread at an amazing rate. In theory, we are already seeing many examples of videos that follow those same ideas of “Third Cinema,” exposing events not covered or distorted by the media. Technology is truly revolutionary, but it can also be used to further unintendedly or intentionally harmful purposes.


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  1. jonesa0913 says:

    I also appreciate the upsurge of cellphone video footage because of what “truth” it reveals about different events like, instances of police brutality. One of the earliest and most notable accounts of police brutality (where media made a significant impact) is that of Rodney King. I find it interesting that communities knew that mistreatment was rampant during this time, but the word of police officers was more trustworthy than that of their victims. Therefore, I find it interesting today that when a case is brought up, one of the first questions is: “Did they get it on camera?”

  2. hannahginsberg says:

    I agree that the advancements in technology and tons of people having cellular devices with cameras built into them is truly revolutionary. There is no guarantee that anything will go unseen or undocumented with smartphones out ion the world.
    In response to the above comment it is really interesting how people assume that everything will be seen by a camera as if the camera is a window to the truth.

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