One of the concepts brought up in Solanas’ and Getino’s piece that I thought was interesting was how they explain that “film had been synonymous with show or amusement: in a word it was a consumer good” (2). I found this to be interesting because even though today there are many activist films and documentaries it seems as though film is still a consumer good. I would even argue that it seems activist and documentary films can still in fact be seen as consumer goods because the audience member is consuming the message. No matter what we are watching or when we are watching films, television, etc we are constantly being sold something. Whether it is an actual good or an idea – there’s always a message that someone is trying to get across. In some cases it could simply be amusement but in other cases it could be a more informative message. I feel as though media is ALWAYS trying to sell us something and we are always consuming a message whether we realize it or not.


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  1. jonesa0913 says:

    I completely agree. Though media is significantly more participatory, large corporations have somehow taken over alternative media outlets even if it isn’t completely transparent (i.e. YouTube).

  2. Yes we always have to think about participatory culture and how although it is participatory in terms of not only being consumers but also producers, we still have to remember that consumerism is so heavily engrained in our society and as much as we want to be activists, we always have to be selling something to be relevant and have credible.

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