After hearing the Yes Men speak today i was very interested when they were talking how most of their acts are legal to do. Which was interesting because most of us probably thought that they would get in big trouble if they get caught. But when they did the people never took action against them. So what they were trying to do is get us active like them and go to events to help create change. They were talking about how simple it was to film and really only need two iphones one filming you and the other filming the audience. And that you shouldn’t be afraid of getting sued or having police coming after you as it is totally legal. Hopefully the Yes Men influences people to go out and become active in a satirical way.


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  1. mollyhaas16 says:

    It’s interesting too considering our positionality as students of the Claremont Colleges — I was appreciative that they brought that up. We are in such a safe bubble and can use that to our advantage when going out and trying to make change.

  2. amihk says:

    I think it was also interesting how they said that race doesn’t really matter in doing these activisms and that they didn’t have any white privileges when doing these activisms, which makes me think is that true…?

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