Since I didn’t get to share my quote of choice from The Medium is the Massage, I wanted to share the passage I chose here on the class blog. On page 22 of the book, McLuhan writes:

“Politics offers yesterday’s answers to today’s questions.”

This quote immediately spoke to me, as someone who is interested in enacting change but often feels lost in trying to follow politics or that the things being discussed by politicians don’t relate to reality. It doesn’t help that politicians often seem to have these archaic mindsets that alienate me and discourage me from feeling like our so-called “democratic” system is available to me or other people of my generation. I do vote, as I think that even though the system is flawed my refusal to vote is more likely to silence myself rather than promote change, but I know many people who don’t vote as some form of protest, and I think that this sentiment offered by McLuhan kind of informs that.


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