I had never read The Medium is the Massage by Marshall McLuhan and Quentin Fiore before and that is unfortunate since it has such an interesting form. I don’t think i have read a book that is as informative as the The Medium is the Massage while not being boring. I thought the use of images combined with text, solid images and solid text broke up the book nicely and made it much more compelling to read and follow. Even though the book was originally published in 1967, I found much of the issues and concepts that McLuhan and Fiore brought up to be applicable to current times. Technology is consistently changing the way we live our lives. Whether technology is impacting jobs, family life, education, protests, etc is is impacting people positively and negatively and it is interesting to look at it from both angles.

One of the images in the book that I found to be most compelling was the image of the naked female with the text “clothing, an extension of the skin”. Even though putting on clothing is such an essential part of daily lives it is also interesting to think how unnatural putting clothing on is because its taking us out of natural state or form – although I really do love wearing clothes!


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  1. alexanderlandau says:

    I agree. The book was enlightening. It shows how much you can say with few words and images. It was so fun to read. I loved how the words engaged with the images by changing text size, fonts, placement on the page and being embedded in images. While reading this book, I felt like I was on an expedition uncovering more and more information with each page turn.

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