On Monday night, we watched a series of commercials in slow motion while the description of the vision of the commercial was read aloud. It was a very interesting experience to see the final product while simultaneously listening to the voiceover commentary.  It gave great insight to what the producers think about while creating advertisements for products. It demonstrates how the will utilize media in order to create their message. They have a target audience in which they use certain production tactics in order to sell the product. I found in particular the Mars bar commercial very interesting. Commercials can reflect the norms of the time period it was film because it speaks to a relevant audience. I could definitely see it engaging a wide consumer audience during that time.

I was curious to compare a past Mars bar commercial with a present day Mars bar commercial. I was interested to see if they were still sending the same message or if they had changed it to fit more into modern society. Although they are selling the same product, they have different slogans. In the 1980 commercial, they are selling the idea that Mars bars are filled with “big crunchy nuts!”. They emphasize the process of the nut harvest and how Mars bars are these decadent treats that come from our earth. In the 2015 commercial, they use obscurity, humor, and competition to sell Mars bar. Two men in a park are showing each other what tricks their dogs can do. The man who wins joyfully bites in to a Mars bar, and he is followed by the slogan “winning.” The commercials are very different while selling the same product.


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  1. hannahginsberg says:

    I think its so interesting to see how both of these commercials reflect society at the current time. Now we live in a society that is filled with sarcasm – tons of social media celebrities are famous due to their sarcastic nature and comments and that is clearly depicted in the present day commercial. Whereas, the past commercial is much more geared towards introducing the product to the consumer. What is also interesting about the two is the present day commercial really has nothing to do with the product except for the fact that they include it in the commercial. I wonder if that actually assists in getting people to purchase the product.

  2. mollyhaas16 says:

    I think it is so effective the way these video we watched in class were constructed. They’re so blatant and objective in their delivery of such a potent message. One thing that seems to stay the same (unfortunately) in both the Mars ads you posted is the audience. There is no diversity of race in the commercials, which of course is no accident. I’m so curious what’s included in the notes from the advertisement agency to the production company these days… I would hope all the racism and sexism is less blatant, but I imagine they’re still imbedded somehow.

  3. katyschaefe says:

    I used to work at the advertising agency that carried Nestle as a client, and watching the way that mars commercials and other nestle commercials have progressed overtime is very interesting. Especially when keeping in mind that progressing does not necessarily mean becoming progressive. While the storylines might have become more dynamic and modern, they are not necessarily modern in their use of men and women, or non-white individuals, The same tropes are often used, not only in nestle spots, but advertisements in general.

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