On Monday, we each went around and talked about the page/pages in “The Medium is the Massage” that we liked the best or thought was the most important. I didn’t get a chance to share the page I picked, but I really enjoyed hearing the opinions of my peers, specifically learning about why everyone chose the pages they did, because everyone picked a different page (which is something I was not expecting!).

The page I chose was page 12, because even after I finished the rest of the book, that was the page that stuck with me the most. The idea that everything about us will be known, and our understanding of privacy has drastically changed with the rise of the electronic and all things surveillance is such a modern idea, especially considering that this book was written in 1967. “How much do you make? Have you ever contemplated suicide? Are you now or have ever have been…?” These are the kinds of questions that big data companies and Google can very easily find the answers to, just by looking at your search history on the internet or your phone (which they can and do very regularly). The implications of this ease that big data companies can access pretty much everything about us is definitely applicable especially in today’s world, but the depth of information that they can access (and how they’re selling that information to third parties that we have no control over) is truly frightening. I’m amazed that Agel made such observations all those decades ago, and how relevant they still are today, almost 50 years later.


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  1. mollyhaas16 says:

    I agree that the relevance of this book in our current media is insane. It’s frightening to think about what another fifty years will look like — how the theme of the media as an extension of our bodies that was so prevalent in the book will undoubtedly become more present in real life.

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