When i was doing research for my group project I found an interesting project ran by students at Princeton university. Students created a Facebook page called “Tiger Microaggressions” which allows students to post or screenshot a micro aggression they see around campus. The Facebook page helps the students be aware of whats happening at their college and be more careful of what they say on social media. I think the most impressive thing this Facebook page does is the students carefully pick what goes on the site. Since most posts are screenshots of yik yak the students make sure harsh comments don’t go onto the page without review.


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  1. katyschaefe says:

    It’s interesting that the Princeton student body is participating in anti racist action. This is mostly interesting to me because the necessity the students have found to take their own independent action is representative of the lack of action the institution has taken itself. At least the insufficient action the institution has taken. It would be interesting to know the rate of student participation and how Princeton feels about the site.

  2. nlredmond says:

    I think endeavors like this are really important, especially for college campuses, but it got me to wondering how affective it is at changing people’s behavior versus their ideology? If the microaggressions are posted, and especially if the persons name is used (herder with yikyak), it would be very affective to regulate/punish perpetrators of the microaggressions and therefore create a safer campus space-wise. I just wonder if these types of websites actually change the way these perpetrators think about what they say or how they think about people who are different than them. While I believe ignorance can be part of the problem, lack or refusal to use common sense and blatant and conscious disrespect are also the issues. I think changing the ways people think is definitely at the root of fixing this issue.

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