The readings for this week as well as our discussion in class today surrounded the AIDS crisis and the need for more awareness. Act Up spearheaded efforts to bring AIDS prevention and sexual health to light through the documentary medium. Through Tongues Untied, Marlon Riggs helped create the original PSAs and Gran Fury made engaging print advertisements to call out presidential silence and the need for more awareness.

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Though Act Up is not as active as it used to be, there are still articles and resources to support this cause. Recently, Upworthy came out with an article called “Celebs reveal the absurd reason why we haven’t beaten AIDS in telling PSA.”



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  1. nlredmond says:

    The ACT UP slogan “silence = death” reminds me of the #blm slogan “silence is violence.” I’m not sure if it is an official slogan, but it is chanted at many of the marches and protests I’ve participated in or witnessed in some form. This speaks volumes about the ways silence surrounding these issues is still very prevalent, and simply speaking about police brutality and its origins or doing research on a disease versus nurturing fear of it would’ve and can still save so many lives.

  2. chloekissane says:

    This is a very important topic and is still incredibly prevalent. It has been shown that by celebrities participating in PSAs it creates more public awareness.

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