The role of paper tiger television in the lives of those that were able to access it at the time is an interesting one. The intention behind the show it seems, was not only to tell their audience about stories they might not have heard through other news reports, but to demonstrate the massive power that news media has to influence our thoughts and sublimate their own white, patriarchal views into our psyche’s. Their success as a show was largely dependent on the fact that there was still a space in television for free broadcast that was open to the public. More discreetly, it was also dependent on the willingness of the audience to participate and interact with their alternative media style. I honestly think that if a similar show were to be on television today it would be immediately discredited as either crazy paranoid ramblings of a group of people with nothing better to do, or more likely, no one would watch it at all. This is a direct result of the constant bombardment of entertainment media that we all experience everyday. People don’t have time to explore alternative media sources because all of their free time is already filled with a select number of shows, websites, and social media sources.


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  1. gabrielledas says:

    I think it is true that using the same formula that Paper Tiger TV used back then will not work to enrapture an audience now because our technology has moved past their techniques. Their style was set in an ideological framing that worked really well with the emergence of high-quality home video cameras. Using the same DIY framing on contemporary ideology is more in line with using Instagram or social media as participatory media. The most applicable example I can think of would be how Humans of New York has been able to raise money for struggling individuals in Pakistan by broadcasting their harrowing stories on social media.

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