As per our conversation on Wednesday, TSS and blood clots caused by certain brands of birth control can be very scary if we are not aware of them. The scarier part is the large, multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical companies that do not like media attention and probably have a huge ability to hide this information from the public. Here are some links to read up on TSS and the shockingly high number of young women suing birth control brands:



Model Suing after Losing Leg

TSS 80s Crisis


Over 10,000 lawsuits against Bayer

“Are Some Birth Control Pills Too Risky?”

“New Study Confirms Yaz Birth Control Blood Clot Risks”

Reading up on these really makes me wonder about the sway of money in media and what is hidden from the public if you can afford to silence or change the media reports. In the medical world, this can be related to our conversation of AIDs and Reagan’s refusal to address the issue in the media while American citizens were dying. Manipulation and hiding of facts by the wealthy and powerful is not a new notion and it continues to happen today! Although this isn’t a medical issue that is being hidden or lied about, it also made me think of Time Warner fabricating the polls to make it seem as though Clinton won the presidential debates when the real numbers indicated Sanders was the real winner. Time after time, this class has uncovered how manipulated and manipulative the media can be. It reminds me to do my own research all the time. This notion then makes me think of the typo “Media is the Massage,” and how the definition of massage was one of manipulation… everything is so intertwined.


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  1. gabrielledas says:

    I would add that a lot of the myth around birth control and tampons are likely connected, in addition, to a lack of “real facts” around these issues. It seems to me that most girls get info on menstruation simply form the internet and their peers as their embarrassed to reach out for other info and thus a lot of myths are created around the so-called “safety” or “hazards” of a given product. Along with AIDS, we need to desensitize the public to having body issues so we get all get the real facts! We all have bodies and they don’t always function like we’d wish. Rather than hiding away our medical issues and only googling them in private, our society needs to promote a more open atmosphere about sharing and discussing our heath. Artist Rupi Kaur did an awesome thing on instagram to help contribute to this idea of demystifying female bodies; you can read up about it here:

  2. chloekissane says:

    The story about the model is so eye opening and shocking. Female birth control, tampons, and pads are not talked about in our society the way they should be. I agree that this topic needs to be more openly discussed and we need more education.

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