When reading, “The Medium is the Massage” I was struck by page 14, which discusses the how the “the family circle has widened…Character is no longer shaped by only two earnest, fumbling experts”. This page speaks to the fact that our character and our beliefs are no longer solely shaped by the family values our parents have raised us with and the messages we they share with us. Today our consumption of media and the messages that it teaches are more influential than the messages our parents relate to us. This may be both due to the method in which the media attracts our attention and the volume of media we consume.

It is definitely true for me that I do not share many of the same beliefs my parents have and this is very much due to the media that I have consumed. Through modern media, I have been able to seek out news, either biased or unbiased, and then form my own beliefs on how I react to the subject. I find that my parents have tried to shape my beliefs by sharing their views in an obviously very biased way. With the media, subjects can be presented in a more matter of fact way, and then I am able to form my own beliefs and views on the subject. Though media can be biased, its important to note that its one thing to have your family telling you something than it is to hear a stranger’s opinion.quote-the-family-circle-has-widened-the-worldpool-of-information-fathered-by-the-electric-marshall-mcluhan-123-32-51


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  1. jonesa0913 says:

    This is a really important point and speaks to the validity of Goodman’s agenda. Our parents were indoctrinated with certain beliefs, and the messages we received have not changed but our ability to challenge these beliefs have expanded. Therefore, teaching students how to recognize and interpret messages that are conveyed through the media is of the upmost importance if we want to finally dismantle the hegemonic forces behind the distributors of global media.

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