“Failing to distribute critical literacy skills equally to all children—regardless of their race, class, gender, and ethnicity—only reinforces and perpetuates the inequities in knowledge” (7).

Steven Goodman discusses the problems within our education system today and the issue of media-saturated culture that gives signals of who can and can’t achieve in today’s world. I think this problem still permeates today, even in our college consortium, based on the fact that we have yet to receive a Native American Studies course or have ethnic studies as a core requirement. Some people brush off discussing race and gender because they are too “busy” or “uninterested” in these topics, yet I think these instances continue to marginalize students of color and people of color and people of different backgrounds, with different sexualities and gender identities. The way we view education and teachers as authority figures begins at a young age, so often we are facing these situations believing there is something wrong with us as opposed to something wrong with the system that is bringing us up. We have to make efforts to learn in a challenging environment, yes, but also an inclusive one.


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  1. jonesa0913 says:

    There is another powerful quote form the article: “a third system is congruent with the first two: a social and political order that wants to monitor and and control their behavior in order to minimize risks to the white, middle class community” (2). To add to your analysis, this point is impactful because Goodman’s directly underscores not just how POC are affected by global media but how white people are privileged by it, which is important for white people are unconvinced that there whiteness benefits them and enacts domination on others.

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