I thought the authentic kitchen scene from Greg Bordowitz’s film was very empowering while it was accompanied by quirky music. He was capturing a truthful conversation between himself, his mother, and his step father about his homosexuality and HIV/AIDS at their own kitchen table. Bordowitz starts off by asking his parents if they remember when he came out to them. They remember the general year, but none of the specifics. Bordowitz claims that he clearly remembers it was the Spring of 1998, displaying how important this decision of coming out to his parents was for him. He came out two weeks after he found out he was HIV positive. He told his mom how he remembered she cried when she found out he was gay. She quickly denied she cried and said she did not remember. She explained how she felt sad because she knew he would have to deal with hardships that she did not want him to have to experience. His stepfather quickly adds that a lot worse things could happen besides your child being gay. He states, “You can get hit by a bus tomorrow!” Bordowitz adds his step father said, “Linda Linda stop crying! He didn’t kill anybody and he is not a drug addict” They then all nervously laugh. As an audience member, you almost felt like you were apart of their private conversation due to the camera work.

This scene was incredibly intimate and made Bordowitz very vulnerable to the audience. I found this scene to be incredibly truthful and raw. It provided a snapshot to how many other families were probably having similar conversations. I thought it provided a very personal and powerful perspective of a person living with HIV.


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