At the beginning of our Wednesday class, we spent some time discussing the newest police brutality scandal involving the teenage girl who refused to leave her desk at school. This got me thinking about the stereotypes and “positions” we all play in large social settings like high school. For example, it is very common for black males to be pushed into athletics in high school, as opposed to encouraged to focus on their academics. This in turn begins to fulfill other stereotypes about the macho black man, the hyper competitive and sometimes aggressive black man. That in turn is used as a way to further sublimate and encourage the internalization of the belief that it is all that particular group is good for. This relates to our later discussion about EVC. Programs like this are crucial in terms of developing self esteem in young people who are conditioned to believe that they are only able to do a small parcel of things with any level of success. Exposure to programs like this that allow students to represent themselves, their realities, their stories, is not only a tool to empower these people, but also a way to encourage outsiders to see them as more than perhaps what they originally thought them to be.


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