I thought “Tongues Untied” by Marlon Riggs was extremely interesting and thought provoking. I think one of the things that was so intriguing to me was how some parts of the film were capable of making me so uncomfortable. It was not the content that made me uncomfortable, but the way it was delivered. I am so used to having words be convoluted and meanings hidden. In Marlon’s film, he does not try to sugar coat anything or make his words easier for the viewer to digest. The poems are in your face, and so are the images. There is no apologizing, no censoring. In my opinion, one of the most powerful parts of the movie was the line “cornered by identities I never wanted to claim.” I think this highlights the struggle of being a minority, and of trying to find power in your minority identity (in this case african american and gay) while consistently being shut down by society.


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