I love the idea behind the Barbie Liberation Operation. But it is more interesting to see how media responded to this “mixup”. The news coverage of this operation is still so gendered and biased! One newscaster casually refers to Barbie as a “she-male”. He also refers to the exchanging of the doll voices as a “sex change” – which brings up interesting questions about how “gender bending” was perceived at the time of this newscast.

The newscaster also calls the operation “toy-terrorism”, saying the BLO is waging a toy war. And they interview a woman, a toy expert (?), who calls it a “terrorist act against children”, which is just absurd. However, there’s a great juxtaposition of this woman and a mother in the beginning – both of whom are against this “sick” joke – and the children with the G.I. Joe doll, who say they like that he isn’t so violent with his new voice. It’s these children, the actual targeted audience of the doll, who don’t mind the subversion – while it’s the adults, the enforcers of such gender stereotypes as the BLO is attempting to critique, who are befuddled and indignant.


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