Super entertaining and funny on one hand but also sends a really important message about the rape culture that comes hand in hand with Football


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  1. katyschaefe says:

    The skit is really funny, and interesting that it was all put together by a woman. I particularly liked the section at the end where the coach is drawing explicit parallels between the mentality that a football player is encouraged to have in order to win and the mentality of a rapist.

  2. chloekissane says:

    I found this skit very entertaining as well. It was so creative and I found it even more hilarious because I used to watch Friday Night Lights religiously. Rape culture is so prevalent but however is not talked about as much. The football players as shocked and angry. They ask questions about different scenarios in which they think it might be acceptable to rape, which the coach shoots down. In a way it educates people about sexual assault.

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