I found the GI Joe versus Barbie clip to be extremely interesting. First off it was almost alarming and somewhat confusing to hear the mother of one of the children who received one of the voice switched dolls to say she thought it was “sick”. I was curious as to what exactly was so repulsive about what was done? Was it because the Barbie had a male voice and the GI Joe had a female voice? Was she disgusted by the versus of gender roles? Was she afraid of the effect that would have on her child? Another aspect that the clip made me think about was how in the 1950s many of the sitcoms were focused on the idealized American family with the mother as the caretaker and the father as the breadwinner. These sitcoms were ultimately created to reinforce gender stereotypes and to illustrate what it was to be the perfect male or female. After watching this clip I feel as though toys were also created with a very similar intent. I think breaking this pattern is important in order to not force roles and stereotypes onto to children.


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  1. chloekissane says:

    I thought this clip was very interesting as well, especially when the mom thought it was “sick.” However, the children liked the change and seemed to have fun with it. It made me wonder if this were to happen again today, would parents have the same resistant reaction?

  2. amihk says:

    I agree too! It also makes me think from how early children pick up these keys for stereotypical gender ideas. I think by having more genderless toys will help the society escape from these roles more easier in the future

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