“The medium may not be the message, but there are messages built into the medium” (103).

In “Future Active: Media Activism and The Internet,” Graham Meikle explores the phenomenon of”in-built politics of technologies.” Media participants often discuss the internet as autonomous spheres. However, Meikle deconstructs the idea that conduits of media are seen as independent realms incapable of facilitating certain biases. He also argues that media technologies are shaped by people in specific contexts. And his analysis is especially pertinent because its relevance to computing systems and predictive analyses and the uprise of BLM. More specifically, his analysis exposes the inherent biases of Chicago Police Department’s implementation of a computing system that will predict and track crimes – an event that I learned of in my Intro to Digital Media Studies class. The analytic system will use algorithms to predict which Chicagoans are likely to commit a crime. The Chicago PD has received significant backlash, for many assume that the system will target its Black and Brown populations. If you are interested, you should take a look.



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  1. taliat says:

    I do have concerns about such a system, but I would caution you in regards to your choice of media source to link. In my opinion, “The Daily Caller” has posted a lot of deplorable stuff in regards to race and recent events around race in America. Don’t get me wrong, there don’t seem to be many media sources that can actually be held to a high standard at this point, but I think we should take extra steps to be cognizant of where we send more web traffic to.

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