It’s very shocking to think that toy companies severely stereotype the differences between male and female toys. Think about it, when you were young there was really no choice of what you think was fun. You are pigeon holed for liking action and adventure if you’re a male or shopping and make up if you’re a female. I thought the barbie and G.I joe voice switch was a clever way showing that kids actually really don’t mind as long as they’re having fun. Letting kids use their imagination rather than funneling their minds into gender separated toys. This is a bigger issue than what it seems and toy companies should be looked at for change


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  1. zainjazara says:

    This gendered division begins before we are even born! New parents will receive pink gifts if it’s a girl, blue if it’s a boy. Infants’ clothing is segregated, too, and babies wear very gendered clothing from day 1. I mean, even the blankets the newborns are wrapped in are color-coded!

  2. chloekissane says:

    I watched a documentary in my Child Development class last year that speaks directly to this issue. When we are born, we are divided into the two gender groups. In the documentary, the experimenters wrapped boy baby in a pink blanket. Strangers interacted with the baby boy calling him “princess” “beautiful” “dainty.” The pink blanket changed everyone’s entire perception of the baby boy. They treated him differently just because they thought he was a girl.

  3. amihk says:

    It was interesting to see how the kids make new stories based on how their voices are changed. I remember the boy saying that hes a spy being barbie, or that hes sick. Makes me think from how early age do they have this stereotypical images toward gender?

  4. doriebailey says:

    I used this section of a psychology documentary in my thesis to discuss socialized gendered learning in children ( It’s a really interesting watch and highlights a lot of the issues that are mentioned above. However, it is slightly problematic itself in its wording, and at some points even undermines the messages they are trying to get across by subscribing to the precise gender roles they are trying to educate the audience about! Anyway, I highly recommend watching it, it’s not very long.

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