As I was reading Steven Goodman’s article on “Teaching Youth Media,” I really connected with the way he describes his students’ brainstorming process. Goodman explains that his students debate what to focus their final project on; whether it should be on “police brutality and youth crime or about how to become a hip-hop star?” (Goodman 23) The students try to decide whether they want to represent their day to day reality or the dreams they aspire to.

A few months ago I read an article called “Dear Steph Curry, Now That You Are MVP Please Don’t Come Visit My High School.” The article detailed a similar phenomenon: how students’ will connect their desire to emerge out of poverty to a celebrity, a football player, an actor, a basketball player etc.. and pray they will become this person. The teacher explains that rather than tying their dreams to something so fragile they must apply themselves to their studies and utilize their degree as their “way out.”

I think that the Goodman’s article touches on that notion, this constant struggle to either immerse oneself in ones dreams as a means of surviving or facing reality and maybe become disillusioned.


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