Here’s an interesting article about using yearbook photos vs. using mugshots for criminals.


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  1. nlredmond says:

    Use of bias in the media has become almost unsurprising to me because of how prevalent it is. This article, and particularly the mugshot vs. school picture aspect of this article did surprise me, though. I’m becoming increasingly aware of the use of “ignorance” as a scapegoat for people trying to make excuses about comments that have been made, etc, and especially surrounding this issue that has been at the forefront of the medi for such a long time (that is police brutality, prison industrial complex, law enforcement in relation to black men). I’m just surprised that people still actively make visual/representative choices such as this and then want to pretend it wasn’t a conscious decision, or they want to excuse it in some way, when it is soooo blatant (to me at least).

  2. chloekissane says:

    This class especially has taught me that the news is incredibly biased. At the same time both baffled but not surprised by this article. By putting school pictures of white students and mug shots of African Americans, it sends out two completely different messages.

    This kind of reminds me of something we were talking about in my Psychology and Law class a week ago. I forget the exact name of the case, but four young men were being excused of sexually assaulting a young women. During the trial, they were instructed by their lawyers to sit with their hands in a pray position while having angelic facial expressions towards the jury. They thought this may influence the jury’s decision. People will use any strategy in order to try and have people create certain biases about them.

  3. kthompso says:

    Ugh, something that really infuriates me are the people who are trying to justify/argue that this is done in fairness. Racism is so ingrained in our society that people can’t acknowledge their faults, no matter how blatant they are.

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