As a response to the discussion we had in class about the email that the Dean of Students sent out in reaction to an earlier article sent to her by a student, I felt that as a student of color I should further respond to her statement. As most of us already know, she attempts to apologize for policies and actions that further isolate students of color, but in doing so exacerbates the issue. Not only does she not address specific problems that students of color have brought to the attention of faculty and staff, but she makes the claim that the needs of “students who don’t fit the CMC mold” are of particular importance to her. In saying this within the context of the concerns of students of color, she implicitly states that students of color are do not fit within the aforementioned “mold”. The question then of course becomes, what exactly is the mold that CMC has created? Furthermore, what are we, as people of color, supposed to do if this is the recourse when we rise up and condemn behavior that makes us feel inferior and marginalized? Does the dean of students really speak on the behalf of the student with her comments or is this her own personal bias being represented in the email? These are some of the questions and concerns I have. It is not ok to sweep issues like this under the rug. It’s one thing when a student wears an offensive costume or makes an offensive comment, it is another thing entirely when a person in a position of power within a nationally known institution makes the explicit statement that people of color do not belong here, all the while under the veil of concern.


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