Yesterday, a CMC student, Lisette, posted a screenshot of an email she received from CMC Dean Spellman. She had sent an email to CMC staff with a link to an article she wrote about being a low income Latina student at CMC. Dean Spellman responded with an email in which she said: “…we are working on how we can better serve students, especially those who don’t fit our CMC mold.” I was shocked when I read that sentence. The Dean was blatantly implying that CMC is a college for white males, basically classifying anyone else as “other.” Here is the screenshot the student posted (she specified that she was fine with people sharing the picture).



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  1. katyschaefe says:

    thanks for posting the original email, everyone should see this. There needs to be accountability for behavior like this.

  2. chloekissane says:

    By taking a screenshot of the email, it really speaks for itself. It just is so baffling to me how the dean of students could have written this to a student. It further implies that they are an outsider.

  3. Jagu Garner says:

    I think what the dean meant is that college institutions are usually reserved for upper and middle class people, (lets stop putting race in everything people), sad to say but those who have the most access to culture and higher education are still the upper and middle classes.

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