So, I posted this on the Micro-Aggressions Blog, but with today’s events, I think it’s relevant to share what I overheard today on this blog as well:

This afternoon, just as the protest at the Hub started, I was walking back to Pitzer’s campus from Keck Science (Keck Science steps) when I heard an individual say, “well she was right…they really don’t fit the mold”. This comment was in response to an email that the Dean of CMC, Dean Spellman, sent as a reply to a student’s message (@meganf posted a screenshot of the actual email a couple posts down). Dean Spellman stated in her email, “…we are working on how we can better serve students, especially those who don’t fit our CMC mold”.
The fact that anyone, especially a Dean of students would say this about a group of students is horrifying. As, @meganf noted, Dean Spellman was obviously implying that students of color do not fit CMC’s white student mold. What’s just as horrifying is hearing a student validate the Dean’s words and agreeing with her racist statement. As if students of color didn’t already feel a sense of insecurity, danger, and other-ness while attending mostly white college…they didn’t need to hear something like this from ANYONE, let alone their Dean of Students.

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  1. fearofbeingvictimized says:

    Just curious if you will also post about the microagressions toward the student who spoke at the rarely and was told that her experiences were not useful.

  2. chloekissane says:

    It is crazy to see what people say on these campuses. The statement Dean Spellman made was jaw dropping. What is even more concerning that it is potentially a common belief that students hold on these campuses.

  3. zainjazara says:

    it gives me goosebumps to know these are our peers and that it is acceptable for them to suggest we leave this college if we don’t like it rather than acknowledging the painfully obvious racism. This racism runs from the very top administrators to the very students who fill these colleges. Hearing things like this only makes it more clear and apparent how much work we have to do and how much stronger we should be in our conviction that we DO belong, despite their racist opinions.

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