Throughout the semester we have discussed media bias in all its many forms. I believe that the events of last week clearly show media bias and the way in which the media chooses to interpret, manipulate, and form the narrative that suits their goals and desires.

I have come across many articles this week that have defamed, insulted, and vilified some of our students in cruel ways. They have taken a movement, which began because of the pain many marginalized identities feel here, and have made it sound like a childish tantrum started by students who just want to behave like a mob. I have been deeply saddened by some of the hurtful and hateful responses made by CMC alumni.

Ultimately, it is our job as bystanders, and as activists to look critically at the media and search for numerous sources to ensure their reliability. Regardless of where you stand, please properly inform yourself and do not stop at the first article you read.


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  1. taliat says:

    I have been really thinking about this lately, in my own conversations with my family regarding the events that have recently occurred at CMC and other college campuses around the country. I have been so frustrated by the extent to which members of my family (who I wanted to think of as open minded and accepting) were so content to believe what they had read in one place and take that as gospel. This was happening to a degree that it almost didn’t matter what I said or that they had misconstrued the inciting events at CMC (one member actually though that the CMC dean resigned specifically in response to the photo of her students wearing culturally insensitive costumes, which is incredibly far off base), their minds were made up. I began to realize the degree to which most people will read what they consider to be a “trusted” source and then close their minds off from any other opinions or even facts that rebuke what they’ve read.

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