It’s been difficult to digest some of the disturbing occurrences that have happened across our campus (and across the world tbh) these past couple of weeks (or really from the beginning of time tbh x2). Sometimes, to deal with issues like these, I like to read. I usually turn to satire (The Onion is a good start) as a means of coping and understanding. I know many people who use humour as a way to grapple with serious issues. I thought you guys might enjoy this read, especially when thinking about what has happened at CMC—specifically in regards to cultural appropriation.

“Nothing Really Offends Me” Says Walking Embodiment of White Privilege


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  1. katyschaefe says:

    oh my god this is hilarious. It’s great that it points out the ridiculousness of some white people and their thinking that someone representing them a certain way via mass media is at all comparable to the representation of people of color. Even more, the lack of understanding that these people have of the long term implications of these representations, or that they have any right whatsoever to tell a person of color how to respond to those representations.

  2. chloekissane says:

    I really enjoyed reading this. It demonstrates the lack of awareness. With all of the things that have been going on these past few weeks, people still have these types of conversations. They just don’t realize what they say is harmful to other people. This was a comical way to represent the conversations.

  3. doriebailey says:

    This reminds me of an article The Golden Antlers posted recently, making fun of white privilege, and the freedoms that go along with it. Here’s a link: The whole concept of “reverse racism” as it is presents a pretty redundant discussion, mostly perpetuated by those that “suffer” under this burden, but, in reality, “reverse racism” isn’t anything more than people feeling entitled to certain things simply because they are used to receiving them (almost always as white people), and being denied these same things because it would be prejudiced.

  4. meganf says:

    Hahaha, I loved this article!! I think this is important for people to read. Sometimes humor not only makes people feel better but it also can teach them something. I think everyone should read this article. It may be satire but it does show how ridiculous people are.

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