This morning it was found that someone had put black tape over the faces of portraits of Black professors in Harvard’s main building. It is assumed that this was in response to the protests yesterday. It is truly eye-opening how these protests at colleges across our nation have shown just how racist people in this country are. Eye-opening, but also terrifying. In retaliation, students have been sticking post-its to these professors’ portraits with kind words and supportive phrases.

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  1. hannahginsberg says:

    What I also find frightening is how students who do these horrible things or people in the “real world” (outside of college) feel as though they are entitled to do so and will get away with it. The scary thing is that many times people who commit crimes like these get away with it. It’s awful that someone feels as though they have the right to deface the pictures of these professors. What is also unsettling is the 5cs have experienced many issues of defacement here and it just goes to show how racism is truly prevalent everywhere.

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