In Revolution 2.0, Wael Ghonim writes about starting the Facebook page “Kullena Khaled Said” in 2010 to protest the brutal murdering of Khaled Said at the hands of two secret police officers. Within 1 day, the page had gained 36,000 members. When used like this, social media becomes a tool that allows people to spread messages that can incite and inspire change to a much greater audience than would likely ever be possible without it. Technology like the app ACLU created to allow people to document and report police harassment/brutality has made it easier for all of us to make sure that no one is able to get away with acting out violently towards other people, let alone murdering them, without consequence. Surveillance is a very real part of our lives today; we are probably not even aware of the extent to which this is true; but it is good to know that the technology behind it works the other way, as well.


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  1. meganf says:

    I think the scariest part is that even with a lot of these videos showing police brutality, nothing happens. There have been videos showing police brutality and people will still argue that it was justified/the police offer(s) had good reason to do what they did. I think this proves how far our society has to go. Even with proof of something that’s happening, people will still turn their heads and pretend it’s not happening.

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