“Revolution 2.0: The Power of the People Is Greater Than the People in Power” demonstrates the utilization of social media in order to provide change to society. Social media has become a platform in which users can educate and unite with one another in order to bring awareness to certain social disparities.

This past month, it was demonstrated on our campuses. One user took an offensive picture one of her peers uploaded and made it her cover photo. This simple but bold act created campus wide discussions about the challenges POC students face on a daily basis. It provided more awareness to students, professors, staff, parents, etc. Social media is a very new and powerful tool. It could potentially bring great change and awareness to many different challenges our society.

The article below discusses how social media can bring change. One element it talks about is the use of hashtags. Through trending hashtags (ex: #Ferguson), it calls attention to a problem in our society. The article states, “The story might not have come to many folks’ attention save for the hashtag which caused people to follow events as they unfolded on social media, blogging, sharing and talking about it all” (Sharma).  We need to utilize this new platform in order to create change.




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  1. katyschaefe says:

    This is an excellent example of the power social media has to ignite a fire in people to stand up and fight for something. It is often difficult to engage people in a real way in a world where there is constantly something new to talk about, and to get someone to stand with you to fight for any cause. However, because social media has the ability to be accessed by so many people almost instantly, the chances of finding people with genuine interest are much better this way than the old fashioned way.

  2. hannahginsberg says:

    I think social media plays a pivotal role in organizing protests, movements, debates, discussions etc. Since social media is always connecting its users regardless of space and time people can always be involved. I had a friend who became involved in what was going on around the campuses by blogging about her feelings on the issue. She posted her blog to her facebook page and within hours almost everyone had heard about it – its crazy to see how social media can spread information almost instantly.

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