Something interesting that was brought up in this reading, especially in contrast with the readings and in-class viewing last week, was how the people of the Occupy movement credit their online resources in the success of the movement. Obviously the physical occupation of space was a very, very important tactic in this movement, but online resources seem to be considered by the protesters as just as important. The fact that Tumblr was the main platform of choice is significant for many reasons. I think the fact that it is a collaborative blog that can exist forever online speaks to this. Sites like Twitter and Facebook are constantly updated and content is always added, whereas a Tumblr blog can exist as is for however long the creator wants to to remain in a certain state. There was a huge continuation of the movement online after the physical occupations of spaces around the country, and these websites were a huge resource for raising awareness about the movement during and after that “moment.” The calls to action also began online. The reading mentioned that the movement was “born online” and born out of a network of activism. These sentiments are slightly different than those of the protesters in the Arab Spring, who seem more quick to attribute power to the people behind the screens. I understand both tendencies, and I think the American tendency to attribute more “power” to online resources has to do with how inundated technology is with out culture.


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  1. gabrielledas says:

    Using tumblr as a medium also really highlights Occupy’s desire to make it a movement of the people. Tumblr is such a well established virtual community for youth’s to express themselves and directing the site as an outlet for education and activism in that community was a great way to engage people who wouldn’t typically consider themselves activists.

  2. lagray700 says:

    I think that people feel Tumblr is a better option because Facebook and Twitter can feel so political and the concept of having your family and the people close to you being able to read what you post (in such a personal realm) is very intimidating. Tumblr allows the person to share their views/posts without that super strong and intimidating feeling of judgement and specific tension with political views.

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